Razmy and Ingeus Singapore

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Feeling lost

Sometimes we want a new direction in our careers.

Sometimes we don’t get to choose when that happens.

For Razmy, up until two years ago he was working as a flight attendant.

As a result of the downturn in the air travel industry, he found himself unemployed and seeking a new career.

With some experience in retail, he felt lost and unsure of what his next move could be.

Discovering new potential

Razmy sent out over 100 emails applying for jobs.

“I got lost, so I thought engaging Ingeus might help me” Razmy said.

When he wasn’t getting any response from his applications, this affected Razmy’s mental wellbeing.

Like many job seekers, he experienced emotional difficulty and struggled to accept he could only control some parts of his situation.

The job search in his home of Singapore became increasingly challenging.

After reaching out to Ingeus for employment support, he found where his previous applications had fallen short.

The Ingeus team helped him update his resume to better reflect his professional experience, and his strong customer service skills.

Which is what helped land him his role with Volunteer Sweet Spot as Technical Specialist.

A new opportunity for him, and one he is excited about.

“It really is a miracle” Razmy said.

“I feel that it is time for me to show what I got and learn as much as possible.”