The Body Shop and Ingeus UK

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Simplifying hiring

Looking for work can be a lot of pressure.

Recruitment processes can be daunting, particularly if your confidence has been affected.

So, The Body Shop simplified the process down to just three simple questions, known as open hiring.

“The open hiring process is an inclusive model and it’s our way, at The Body Shop, of changing lives” The Body Shop’s inclusive hiring lead Antonia Tony-Fadipe explains.

“We don’t sift CVs, we don’t do interviews, we just ask three questions. And so long as you say yes to all three questions and are willing to work, then the opportunity is offered to you.”

This simplified process has helped The Body Shop reach a talent pool of jobseekers they wouldn’t normally reach through their previous recruitment.

Ingeus worked with The Body Shop to provide open hiring, by connecting them with job-ready candidates through the government’s Restart Scheme.

Ingeus UK deliver the scheme in Greater Manchester, Central and West London and is partner to Serco in Central West Midlands.

Participants can access up to 12 months of specialised support to find secure and sustainable work, with the help of a dedicated advisor and access to job skill training.

A force for good

Three questions have given participants Martina and Amie so much more than a job.

After respectively struggling to find employment which allowed them to balance work and family, they have found the right fit with The Body Shop.

It has enabled them to return to work with the flexibility and support they needed.

“Each individual is assessed based on their own individual needs, and that’s very important,“ Ingeus national employer account manager Jenny La Rocque said.

Amie described the support and companionship she had while in the Restart Scheme.

“They did a fantastic job, they are there with you and they stay – they’ll go step by step with you” she said.

“In six months for me, after 11 months, I’m back on my feet. That’s fantastic for me and my family.”

“And everyone can see the smile on me.”

A strong partnership between Ingeus and The Body Shop has enabled open hiring to become a whole new force for good.