A seismic shift in the job market

There are jobs available, and people are urgently needed to fill them.

Whilst more than one million Australians this week find themselves unemployed, and Westpac estimates 11% unemployment by June 2020, APM data shows a significant upswing in what we are terming ‘COVID Growth Industries’.

These roles will fill quickly to meet urgent demand - we urge providers, insurers and government bodies to act now to support job-seekers to access these jobs.

Focus on the opportunities to maximise mental health and wellbeing

At APM, our Assure, Communicorp and MCI businesses are experiencing a spike in business leaders seeking advice and training on guiding their teams through change and proactively supporting the mental health of their workforce. Now is the time to focus on what you can control. You should:

  • Heavily promote support services (such as EAP and online training, and free community resources such as Beyond Blue)
  • Communicate often and with empathy
  • Focus on the future and the fact that this situation is temporary - it will end

Major changes this week

March job vacancies data:

If you're looking for work

If you're a leader