Five tips for job seekers using Workforce Australia

When you’re ready to find a role to build your future with support through Workforce Australia, we’re ready to help.

We’ve put together five tips for job seekers to reap the benefits of the program designed to get more Aussies back into work:

1. Get support to get the best start possible

Reaching out for support isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

We know searching for work can be a vulnerable, frustrating process at times.

As a participant with APM Employment Services your support will be tailored to your needs and goals.

This may include:

  • An initial meeting followed by fortnightly meetings with your APM employment consultant
  • Developing a Job Plan based on your skills, experience, strengths and interests
  • Access to support services to address barriers to employment
  • Opportunities for training, skills development, or work experience
  • Help with job searches, applications, resumes and interviews
  • Follow-up support when you start work to keep you in employment

2. There is support for every age and every stage

Whether you’re new to the workforce, new to the Australian workforce or beginning a new career, we’re ready to support you.

Work does just give you particular knowledge, you’re also developing transferrable skills which you can use regardless of your age, or stage of your career.

Your employment consultant will help you put together cover letters, a professional resume and give you plenty of tips for applying for work and job interviews.

Through Transition to Work, participants aged between 15-24 can access training and employment opportunities, with a dedicated youth support worker.

For job seekers aged 45 and over, Career Transition Assistance provides an eight-week program to help build their skills an confidence to become more competitive in their local labour market.

Paige discovered a range of career options available to her, which helped her gain more stability in her life with support from Transition to work.

Workforce Australia also offers specialised support for Indigenous job seekers.

3. Consider becoming your own boss

If you’ve ever thought about running your own small business, you could be eligible for the Self-Employment Assistance program.

Self-Employment Assistance by APM Employment Services helps people set up, develop and grow their own small business.

Existing small business owners can also use Self-Employment Assistance to develop their business plan, access accredited training, undertake a business health check and access business advice sessions.

Get the best start in business, with access to collaborative and personalised support from our Self-Employment mentors for 12 months.

Nathan’s story is just one of the amazing small businesses success stories which have been launched across Australia.

4. Get started in-person or online

We know not everyone’s circumstances are the same.

Workforce Australia have provided options for in-person and online support.

You may have started using Workforce Australia Online and been referred to APM as your local provider for extra support.

Or you could be directly referred to us to start your path to employment with in-person Workforce Australia Services.

Whichever pathway it is, you’ll get more tailored support to get you job-ready and find work.

If you haven't been referred to our team, or you would like to discuss your eligibility, call 1800 276 932 or email

5. Don’t miss out any opportunities

It’s a good idea to cast your net as wide as possible when looking for work.

The perfect workplace could be waiting for you somewhere you haven’t looked yet.

When you register with APM’s exclusive recruitment platform – Employable Me – and you can create your own profile and let employers know the type of work you’re looking for and when you’re ready to start.

You can also search for vacancies near you and apply for jobs directly within the platform.

As a registered user, you also gain access to a library of tools to help you develop new skills and boost your chances of getting a job.

The dedicated Employable Me team tailor job profiles to your business and give you instant access to thousands of registered job seekers.

Read Samuel’s story of finding a supportive workplace and a job he loves through Employable Me.

What is Workforce Australia?

Workforce Australia is open to anyone who is unemployed and claiming income support payments.

There are several support programs delivered by Workforce Australia providers in regions across the country.

If you can self-manage your job search, a new website has been launched to assist you in finding employment and reporting your mutual obligations.

If you require more support, or want in-person assistance, you can ask to join a Workforce Australia provider such as APM Employment Services.

This enhanced support is called Workforce Australia Services and includes one on one assistance with a dedicated employment consultant.

They will meet with you regularly and help you get job-ready, access relevant skills training and help you meet potential employers looking to hire local people.

APM and Workforce Australia

APM Employment Services is one of the largest Workforce Australia providers selected by the Australian Government to help more unemployed people back into work.

We have a strong track record of helping people get where they want to be – not just by helping job seekers get hired, but by supporting them into lasting and long-term employment.

You'll be supported by an experienced team with connections to local and national employers from more than 500 locations across Australia.

With APM you get the support, you get the skills, you get the job.

If you have any questions about Workforce Australia Services, call our support team on 1800 276 932 or speak to your APM Employment Consultant.