Jenni shares how she helps people find valuable work

Jenni knows the value of transferrable skills, and having an employer see a job seeker for their skills and enthusiasm and give them a chance.

Because that’s exactly how she came to be at APM.

Having previously worked as a property manager and in other administrative and customer service roles, she had skills which made her process-driven, focused on detail and lots of experience interacting with different people.

“I was looking for a job and got hired because I think Janelle, my manager, said that my values aligned to APM’s values” Jenni said.

“I think a lot of people have those transferrable skills from other jobs.”

Her experience is something that certainly influences her work as an employment consultant.

Having been given the opportunity to try something new to her, she knows the value of a supportive workplace and the benefits it can have first-hand.

Her enthusiasm for helping job seekers is clear.

“Getting people jobs, seeing, especially young people, if I can have some sort of influence on their life and help them better themselves – then my job’s done” Jenni said.

Since starting with APM, Jenni has found a role which has promoted her personal and professional growth, always feeling supported when she is at work.

“APM culture is amazing” Jenni said.

Whenever she has a question or needs assistance, she knows she can go to any one of her colleagues.

“If my manager wasn’t available, she always made sure that someone was. I’ve been in a lot of companies, and this has been incredible.”

And when her job seekers succeed, she has a team to celebrate with her too.

“It’s the celebrations, the little wins with my job seekers, it’s just worth the world” Jenni said.