Kathryn's employer experience with APM

Inside the Benalla art gallery’s Munro & Sargeant café, Andrew is a familiar friendly face for many guests as he buzzes between tables delivering food, drink and welcoming smiles.

His role at Munro & Sargeant has provided him with a socially stimulating, accommodating environment for him to grow.

And his employer Kathryn couldn’t be more thrilled for him.

“It’s hard to describe the feeling that you get from giving someone that opportunity” Kathryn said.

Not only has his role given him a place to be and some helpful structure in his life – he’s gained independence and confidence and has come forward in strides since he started.

Adding Andrew to the team has also had a hugely positive effect on the café’ culture, and on Kathryn too.

Opening an email opened the door of opportunity in so many positive ways.

And she received thorough support from the very beginning of the process, staying informed the whole way.

“They just fill me in on what Andrew wanted to do and what his capacity would be in the business in the café” Kathryn said.

She recalls how easy it was working with APM, especially appreciating their help to fill out all the paperwork that was required.

“They were really attentive in replying to my emails with any questions I had. They filled me in on all the information I needed to know about Andrew in what support roles he needed as well” she added.

This attention to detail, not just on Andrew’s behalf, made it an easy process for her business, her staff and in enabling better lives all round.