Leaders have a role in supporting parents and carers

A new study has highlighted the health impact on working parents trying to juggle it all in 2020.

The research from Germany found the general health of mothers and fathers was significantly lower and compounded when other caring responsibilities (such as supporting elderly parents) were a factor. The findings support the theory that heightened stress has a major negative impact on general health.

The Australian National Working Families 2019 Survey showed similar results, as Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents at Work said.

“High stress caused by work-life conflict reduces productivity and engagement and increases mental and physical health issues.”

In the 2019 survey, we learnt two thirds of working parents were struggling to look after their own physical and mental health.

These pressures have only increased in 2020. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, parent helplines PANDA and Karitane have seen a 20% to 95% increase in parents seeking support.

Our role as leaders

Employers and leaders have a major role to play in supporting the health of parents and carers in our team. And in doing so, can experience great benefits.

The Warwick Report (UK, 2019) found supportive workplaces experience reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, improved culture, commitment, loyalty and productivity.

Source: Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network, where you will find lots of great resources and tools.

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