Nurture a high-performing culture in your workplace

This week we’re sharing three tips to quickly make positive changes in your working environment.

  1. Create opportunities for small wins and rewards – Our brain naturally releases the 'feel good' chemicals dopamine and serotonin when we do something right and it is acknowledged. With all the changes during COVID-19, provide more regular rewards to motivate yourself and your team.
  2. Show appreciation to team members – A study by The University of Pennsylvania and Wharton Business school found that showing appreciation for other team members increased the level of compassion, team engagement and sales, in just three weeks. Introducing avenues to show appreciation to team members is a great way to support a positive culture.
  3. Extra training and support – Provide extra support and training for your team when learning new tasks to ensure they are set up to succeed. Studies have shown when we receive punishment, or negative feedback, from a failed or incorrect task, the habenula in our brain suppresses not only our motivation, but our physical movements which makes it more difficult for our body to work.

Sources: Harvard Medical School and McKinsey & Company.

As circumstances vary in different states, there are several things we can do to support ourselves and our teams to perform at our best during times of constant change.

If your team is returning or already back at work;

  • Be aware of anxiety around issues such as public transport, safe distances and re-adapting to the workplace.
  • Maintain a high frequency of communication and check-ins.
  • If you can offer flexible work options, ask your team if they want to use them.

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