Sarah on hiring staff through APM Employment Services

Almost all managers will face the challenge of recruiting during their careers.

It’s no small order to try and find the right person for the job, who fits in with your team.

That’s where the support APM provides to job seekers and employers not only makes the process easier but builds solid and lasting relationships.

Sarah has used APM to help her find staff for her local McDonald’s Restaurant for the last couple of years now.

“We tell APM exactly what we need, what we’re after for that specific time and they come back to us with candidates and applications” Sarah said.

“We’ve taken several on from them and they’re all still with us now – they give us exactly what we need.”

Over time, APM have got to know Sarah and what she looks for and needs in her staff members, ensuring that they are right for the job.

Sarah has even adapted their usual onboarding for job seekers who have a disability – allowing them to choose which task in the kitchen they want to start with and maintain a sold line of communication with them as they progress.

She goes further to say on how easy the hiring process has been with APM and how she felt supported with everyone she’s hired, including Darren.

“As long as we’re communicating with what they can and can’t do or how they’re going, it all works out” Sarah said.

When asked if she would encourage other employers to broaden their hiring practices, she responds emphatically.

“I would encourage other employers to hire people with a disability, they’re reliable workers.”

“The process is easy, especially with APM. They support us the whole way through.”