What to say after R U OK?

The message for this year is simply: There’s more to say after R U OK?

Taking place this Thursday (10 September) R U OK? Day has become an annual event from the not-for-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring people to talk and build more connected communities to prevent suicide.

The vision of R U OK? is a world where we’re all connected and protected from suicide, and their work comes from research published by Dr Thomas Joiner.

Like the founders of R U OK?, Dr Joiner’s father took his own life. An act which has inspired a focus on helping other families and friends avoid similar pain.

Dr Joiner’s work looked at three forces in someone at risk:

  1. They think they’re a burden on others
  2. They think they can withstand a high degree of pain
  3. They don’t feel connected to others

This lack of connection is what R U OK? aims to reduce and since 2009 the organisation has grown and raised awareness of the importance of connecting with others to prevent suicide.

Today more than 80% of Australians are now familiar with the R U OK? message.

By asking R U OK? and taking time to listen, we can help our team members struggling with issues and increase their feeling of connection.

More help and information

  • Assure Programs are offering a range of online sessions to help teams and leaders have R U OK? conversations
  • Communicorp provide training and workshops to manage mental health and build resilience in the workplace
  • Visit ruok.org.au for more resources for your workplace