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APM supports brokers to gain the best outcomes and value for their clients

At APM, we believe collaboration and shared resources are the keys to unlocking unprecedented success for businesses and their employees.

By partnering with APM, businesses receive access to comprehensive, outcome-focused services to support their employees and to manage premium costs.

These include:

  • Occupational rehabilitation (APM WorkCare)
  • Mental health and wellbeing (Assure)
  • Organisational psychology consulting (Communicorp)
  • Allied health clinics (Biosymm and Lifecare)
  • Vocational education (MCI Solutions)

Our extensive range of businesses within the APM Group are well-equipped to cater to the varied needs of organisations across Australia through a seamless and supportive approach.

These businesses provide innovative, bespoke solutions to help businesses build safe and healthy workplaces, and support team members and their families with holistic wellbeing and learning outcomes, adding value and benefit.

Learn more about how APM can support you and your clients below. Please feel free to download the content and forward to your clients.

For further information please contact Lauren Cooley on or 0447 386 554.

Workplace rehabilitation

APM WorkCare

APM WorkCare has over 25 years of expertise in helping Australian businesses maintain safe and productive workplaces.

They have an established national network of qualified health professionals, including occupational therapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation counsellors and registered nurses who help reduce the risk of injuries, and return injured employees to work quickly.

APM WorkCare's services
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Mental health and wellbeing


Assure stands out as one of Australia's leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers specialising in mental health and wellbeing.

They are committed to providing coaching, counselling, and comprehensive wellbeing support to employees and their families.

Assure's services encompass five key pillars of wellbeing - emotional, social, physical, financial and career.

This includes mental health, legal, financial, and diet-related support.

They also extend their services to managers, offering coaching and critical incident response in times of need.

With a digital Wellbeing Gateway, Assure ensures convenient access to the resources and guidance needed for a holistic approach to mental health.

Assure's services
  • EAP for employees and their family members – talk to a psychologist about challenges such as stress, relationship issues or workplace concerns
  • EAP for managers and leaders – manage a team effectively through their own challenges and build confidence in addressing mental health issues
  • Critical incidents and significant events – reduce the impact when things go wrong, with early intervention and ongoing support
  • Restructures and change management – improve outcomes through effective preparation, implementation and ongoing support for managers and staff
  • Consultation and assessments – psychometric assessments, analysis and tailored strategic plans to achieve best practice workplace solutions
  • Workshops and development programs – enhance your workplace wellbeing and performance
  • Team and individual coaching – helping people perform at their best with our personalised coaching
  • Wellbeing Gateway – digital mental health and wellbeing companion supporting people to thrive at work, in health and life
  • InFocus sessions for a thriving workplace – a series of short seminars will help teams manage day to day challenges and thrive in and out of the workplace
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Organisational psychology consulting


Communicorp is a leading provider of workplace psychology solutions.

The team are driven by a strong conviction that Australian workplaces need a more proactive approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing.

With uncompromising standards and a practical outcomes-driven approach, Communicorp is the provider of choice for many government and non-government corporations.

Communicorp's services
  • Mental health and wellbeing education programs
  • Proactive wellbeing coaching
  • Psychosocial risk management services
  • Mental health and wellbeing strategy development
  • Team and organisational culture reviews
  • Specialised assessment services
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Allied health clinics


Biosymm is a highly respected medical and physiotherapy consultancy specialising in occupational health and safety.

Their approach is characterised by consistency, coordination and thoroughness in injury management and ergonomic risk reduction.

Biosymm's primary mission is to prevent unnecessary costs, reduce lost work time, and alleviate individual suffering.

They provide both onsite and in-clinic support.

Biosymm's services

Corporate services:

  • Early intervention physiotherapy
  • Rapid video triage
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Hygiene
  • Injury management
  • Onsite physiotherapy
  • Ottobock exoskeletons to assist workers perform manual tasks
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Wellness programs

In-clinic services:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Dry needling
  • Exercise physiology
  • Remedial massage
  • Running consultations
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Strength for life
  • Workers’ compensation
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Lifecare stands at the forefront of physiotherapy and sports medicine, boasting over 43 locations nationwide.

Their team of highly skilled physiotherapists and allied health professionals cater to all ages and stages whether an elite athlete or those hoping to alleviate everyday pain.

Lifecare's extensive range of services cover all areas of physiotherapy including musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports and exercise physiotherapy, home visiting physiotherapy, occupational and sports rehabilitation, clinical Pilates, women’s health physiotherapy, paediatric and adult physiotherapy plus sports medicine, remedial massage and myotherapy, hydrotherapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, hand therapy, and dietetics.

With a strong focus on getting patients back to work, play, sport, and life, and optimising physical health and wellbeing, Lifecare is dedicated to helping individuals of all walks of life.

Lifecare's services
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports and exercise physiotherapy
  • Sport and exercise medicine
  • Paediatric physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Hand therapy
  • Mobile and home visiting physiotherapy
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Exercise physiology
  • Dietetics
  • Pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy
  • Falls prevention
  • Over 60s exercise
  • GLA:D Program - hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • Braces and walking aids
  • Occupational rehabilitation
  • Dry needling
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Women’s health physiotherapy
  • Continence and pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • Remedial massage and myotherapy
  • Vestibular
  • Lymphoedema
  • Platelet rich plasma Injections (PRP)
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Vocational education

MCI Solutions

MCI Solutions is a multi-award-winning learning solutions consultancy that specialises in the areas of learning design, development, and delivery.

They consult to private, public and government organisations on their learning and development needs.

MCI’s solutions can be derived from either their extensive catalogue of intellectual property or via bespoke consultancy where client’s capability or capacity needs to be extended.

Depending on a client’s requirements MCI can either place learning design consultants or take on learning design projects on their behalf.

MCI Solutions' services
  • Live virtual classroom subscription
  • Instructional design placements
  • eLearning courses
  • Face-to-face and virtual professional development course delivery
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