Women achieving their goals in the workforce

International Women’s Day is dedicated day to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

At APM, we acknowledge and celebrate women and their achievements at work and in their careers.

Today, we’re sharing the stories of three women we met over the past 12 months who have broken down barriers to achieve huge personal and professional goals.

Each of them have inspired friends, colleagues and their APM Employment Services consultants with the progress they have made and the positivity they present in the face of their challenges.

Thank you to our amazing participants, Kristie, Narelle, Ashley, and their employers, for sharing their story!

Kristie’s story

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Like many people, Kristie’s search for employment was made more difficult when COVID-19 hit.

As well as affecting her confidence in her abilities the uncertainty of the pandemic also increased her mental health condition.

Despite these barriers, Kristie, who also lives with epilepsy, stayed dedicated to finding a good job that would lead to a brighter future.

And with support from APM Employment Services and the team at Helping Solutions who were searching for a reliable admin worker on their busy reception desk, Kristie found access to a whole new world of possibility.

As well as supporting her to meet the needs of the role, Kristie’s APM employment consultant Ashlyn was there for her when she started the job.

And a few months later Kristie proved a big success for the Helping Solutions team, quickly becoming a popular employee and moving into a new HR role.

Read Kristie’s story here.

Narelle’s story

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Many Australians already know the value of a securing a good job after you’ve spent several years out of the workforce raising a family, is priceless.

For Narelle, a job where she could be close to her family and work in a supportive environment with future opportunities was worth its weight in gold.

And that’s exactly what the hard-working and proud Noongar mum found herself working with after joining the jobactive program with APM Employment Services.

Narelle overcame the challenges of unemployment to find a rewarding new role at the world-famous Gold Corporation - The Perth Mint.

Closer to home and working for an employer who appreciates the value she brings to the team; Narelle is shining in a job that allows her to develop her existing skills while continuing to learn and build a career.

Watch the video below to see Narelle’s path to employment.

Ashley’s story

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Making a new start for yourself, all by yourself can be tough. It can be tough on your mental health too.

But it was in these circumstances, Ashley found the support to forge a whole new career path.

With support from APM and understanding employers through the CROWNability program at Crown Resorts, Ashley has become a confident and happy member of the concierge team, welcoming guests and providing great customer service to all visitors.

Each time she comes to work, she knows she is welcome, visible, and capable.

And that is exactly how work can enable a better life for someone.

Read Ashley’s story here.

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