Our dedicated teams have helped more than 45,000 people with an injury, illness or disability find work

When a job seeker comes to us for help, we get to know them and understand their circumstances so we can provide them with the best opportunity to find valuable work.

See how some of our clients overcame challenges to employment by joining APM to find a job that works for them.

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Kayla, 25, from New South Wales

Kayla struggled to find work after being unemployed for some time, then she joined APM and found the assistance she needed with education and training courses, as well as how to apply for work.

Cecilia, 54, from New South Wales

Cecilia Mearns had help from APM to get the training and certificates she needed in a new job.

She shares her story about APM and how she also found a lasting friendship with her consultant.

Ellen, 25, from Tasmania

Ellen Medwin shares how APM helped her manage her challenges and maintain her positive approach to finding a job.

See how she's been able to improve her life.

Adam, 47, from Queensland

Adam Collins shares his experience of APM Disability Employment Services, and how it helped him find work.

Karem, 29, from Victoria

See how Karem Lopez received the support she needed through APM's Disability Employment Services program to find a job after seven years out of work. 

Shanyn, 18, from Queensland

Shanyn Ambrose joined APM to help her overcome her anxiety and depression by helping to find her a job and support her to access the services she needs. 

Rowan, 28, from South Australia

Rowan Hughes details his experience with APM including how he was able to access support to help him get to work each day and make the most of his new job.

Karen, 54, from New South Wales

Karen Atkins shares her experience of APM and how she completed training courses to help find her a new job.

Neil, 20, from New South Wales 

Neil Brewer found APM could help him overcome his anxiety to move forward in life and his search for employment.

He shares his experience of APM's Disability Employment Services program.

Chris, 56, from New South Wales

Chris struggled with interviews, then he joined APM and got the assistance he needed to his resume and tailor them for specific job opportunities.

Sandra, 52, from Queensland

Sandra shares how APM helped her to manage her depression and lower back injury, and find a job.

David, 23, from Queensland

David shares his experience with Autism and how APM helped build his confidence to find work and start studying.

Jon, 38, from South Australia

Jon shares how APM showed him how to interact with people and give him confidence to get a job.

Luke, 23, from Victoria

Luke shares his story about how APM provided him with the support to maintain his current job.

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