Making businesses more accessible in Heathcote

We’re delighted to support the City of Greater Bendigo’s Inclusive Towns Project in Heathcote.

Our APM Employment Services team deliver Disability Employment Services in Heathcote, Bendigo and more than 400 communities across Australia to help people with disability engage and find employment with local businesses.

The Inclusive Towns Project aims to increase the accessibility of local businesses for people with a disability.

City staff with a lived experience of disability are visiting Heathcote businesses and will work with them to identify changes to benefit their customers.

Businesses can then be recognised with an Inclusive Towns sticker in their front window.

The project aims to help business become more inclusive by improving their communication, physical environment and awareness of disability as well as providing information on inclusive employment.

The project will run until the end of the year and is free to a wide range of businesses, including retailers, hospitality, accommodation providers or public services.

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