NDIS Plan Implementation Workshop videos now available for online access

Published on 19 Feb 2021


A man in a wheelchair, wearing headphones, watching videos on a tablet

National Disability Insurance Scheme participants, supported by APM Communities, now have access to an important online resource which will help them get the best out of their NDIS plan.

The four-part Plan Implementation Workshop series is presented by experienced APM workplace trainer Sian Layton to support participants understanding of four key areas.

Participants will have the option to view the videos at home or with an APM Communities team member.

Workshop 1: Platforms

An overview of setting up and using the online systems, myGov, the NDIS my place participant portal and the My Community Directory, to help participants understand their plan and to find and manage your community, mainstream, and funded supports.

Workshop 2: Understanding your plan

A front to back overview of the parts of an NDIS plan and their importance in achieving goals, specifically looking at the hierarchy of informal, community, mainstream and funded supports, flexibility in plan budgets and how to maximise outcomes under each of the plan management types.

Workshop 3: Engaging and managing supports

How to find, engage and manage community, mainstream and funded providers using the My Community Directory and Service Agreements.

Workshop 4: Having a voice

How to request a review of your plan if a participant is not satisfied with a decision or circumstances change. Also, an overview of how to provide feedback on the planning experience and support available to have a voice with providers.

How do you access the videos?

  1. APM Communities staff can share the My Community Directory tile
  2. OR visit the APM website

Participants need to complete the registration form to access the videos and will be redirected to a page that hosts all four workshop videos.

They will also receive an email with a direct link for access so they don’t need to register every time they want to watch them.

The information provided in these workshops is relevant to participants that have been linked to APM Communities as their Local Area Coordinator.

If you are not an APM customer we encourage you to connect with either the NDIA or your LAC partner for further support.

As part of the NDIS Partners in the Community program, APM Communities help people with disability in several regions in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory to access support.

Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) help people with disability, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants, families and carers to identify and access the support they need.