How to welcome your employees back to work safely

What you need to know

The big return to work

Government projections on how many people will be returning to work by 1 June 2020 – not including those currently remote working.

People may only feel fully confident about their safety when they see conclusive proof that this path does not cause a virus recurrence - an assurance that may not come until much later in 2020.

McKinsey & Company

What does this mean?

For many leaders, Australia’s 3-stage road to recovery likely triggered a wave of complex emotions.

While there is no doubt a feeling of relief, business leaders may feel anxious and overwhelmed with responsibility for the health and safety of their staff and customers.

Same as when we closed our doors or moved face-to-face services online, the health and safety of everyone remains the top priority.

Add uncertainty, new challenges and sudden changes, and the fear of making a mistake can be paralysing.

Fresh challenges

We all know the importance of social distancing and good hygiene. Yet applying these to our workplace, while supporting the mental and physical health of our teams, can be complicated.

As leaders, new pressures such as changes to customer demand and supply chains can feel daunting.

New solutions

The good news is tools and resources are being developed daily to help leaders manage their teams wellbeing. Here’s two simple questions to ask yourself each day:

  1. In my network, who do I know and trust to help me work through this issue?
  2. How am I taking care of my own and my team’s mental health?

Where to go for help and information: