Support your high-performing team in times of change

In the second part of our focus on high-performing workplaces, we look at how to support our teams during times of disruption or change. Here’s three tips to support your teams.

1. New achievable goals

Some financial and other performance targets may be more difficult to predict and achieve as we adapt business operations due to COVID-19. Providing alternative, achievable goals – such as completing new procedures - which can be rewarded regularly, can help increase morale and positively influence performance and profitability.

2. Mindfulness training and meditation

Research has shown meditation and mindfulness strengthens the link between the emotional and the rational thinking parts of our brain. This helps us choose to act based on our emotions rather acting automatically and can lead to more mindful conversations in the workplace.

Regular mindfulness practices, such as structured meditations, strengthens these neural pathways so it is easy to see why large companies such as Amazon and Google have introduced meditations before meetings.

3. Encourage more laughter

It’s not always easy in our current world, and you don’t want to become like The Office’s Michael Scott or David Brent, but providing your team with positive news, activities and tasks can make a big difference.

Research by John Gottman shows we need five positive interactions for every one negative interaction to remain sustainable, and further study by Barbara Fredrickson, shows we need three positive experiences for every negative experience, to feel well.

You don’t have to be a comedy genius to maintain positivity in your team.

As circumstances vary in different states, there are several things we can do to support ourselves and our teams to perform at our best during times of constant change.

We have a series of free micromodules to help you safely return your team to your workplace.

Developed by our training professionals at MCI Solutions they include mental health and COVID-19 related lessons to support your team:

  1. Health and hygiene
  2. Managing mental health during a time of crisis
  3. Stress management techniques
  4. For leaders: Meeting COVID-19 requirements

Where to go for help and information