Why Workforce Australia is an employer’s secret weapon for hiring the right employee

When you’ve done so much adapting in recent years, thinking about hiring can be exhausting.

Many Australian businesses have gone from masks, social distancing and capacity limits to being overwhelmed by a lack of reliable staff and a hungry pool of eager workers.

Finding the right people for your team is always a mission.

Sometimes the perfect candidate can prove a bad fit for your existing team or workplace.

Other times other challenges come up and despite a perfect start with your business, your new star employee has to leave, and you have to start the hunt for a replacement all over again.

Then there’s the training, skills and suitability for various roles you need to fill and the expense of job adverts or recruitment fees.

Even if you have to find one addition to your workplace, it can take a lot of time, money and effort that you or one of your managers could better spend on making the business better.

That’s where Workforce Australia comes in.

Designed to help job seekers out of unemployment and into a suitable job, the program can be used by employers to find well-suited, accessible and work-ready staff quickly and without any cost.

And when you partner with a provider like APM Employment Services, you can get even more assistance to find the right person and get them started in the role you need to fill.

Plus, through providers like APM, you can access government funding for wage subsidies and modifications to improve your workplace.

These subsidies can be up to $10,000 for each eligible employee you hire.

And better yet, with providers like APM all the heavy lifting and paperwork is simplified and streamlined so you can save more time on getting what you and your business needs to get started.

Riaana and Narelle’s story

Riaana and her team were experiencing a very busy period at the Perth Mint so she reached out to APM Employment Services.

APM employment consultant Austin sent Riaana some candidates and there was one that caught her eye.

"He sent me quite a few resumes and Narelle’s stood out” Riaana said.

"She’d previously worked on a mine site as an Operator …for me that showed a lot of focus and attention to detail.”

Working with Austin, Riaana was able to reduce hiring costs through wage subsidies and other benefits available when employing people through APM.

After starting in a casual role, it didn’t take long for Narelle to make a great impression, quickly becoming a permanent employee.

“Narelle’s been fantastic, she came in as a casual and learned the job really quickly” Riaana recalls.

“We were getting positive feedback pretty much straight away.”

The benefits of a personal employment service and finding employment which is suited to someone’s circumstances – are not just limited to one person.

The benefits of inclusion are felt by loved ones, employers and the wider community.

Narelle is thriving in her role, Riaana has another hard working, reliable member of her team.

Fast and free

APM Employment Services can help you find the right people to fill your vacancies when you need them.

As a national Workforce Australia Services provider, we have access to thousands of job seekers ready to start work right now.

Plus, hiring through your local APM Employment Services team provides you and your business with multiple benefits including training and support.

We can:

  • Find local people ready to work as soon as possible
  • Screen and match suitable job seekers to your business
  • Access wage subsidies up to $10,000 for eligible employees
  • Organise pre-employment training specific to your industry
  • Help job seekers access support for tools, uniforms, and transport
  • Provide on-site support so you and your new employee are happy together

Find your local Workforce Australia team, contact APM or give us a call on 1800 276 932 to get started.