We are 7,500 people in 10 countries with a global purpose - to enable better lives.

Our purpose drives us. It’s why we come to work. It’s why we continue to grow. It’s how we inspire excellence and exceptional service with everyone we meet.

APM started in 1994 as a small team in Perth, Western Australia, looking to provide better vocational rehabilitation for injured workers so they could recover their health and stay in their jobs.

Today we’re an international human services provider with more than 800 locations across Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore and South Korea.

Our services focus on enhancing an individual’s employability, health and wellbeing, and social and economic participation in their community. 

For people with injury, illness or disability, as well as children and the elderly, the unemployed, and those facing hardship or harm, our teams make a positive and lasting social impact every day.

We take great pride in empowering people to realise their ambitions and aspirations through sustainable employment, independence, better health and wellbeing, and increased social participation.

Each year, APM supports more than 1 million people of all ages to live a better quality of life.

In 2021, as APM Human Services International Limited, we listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Find out more on our Investors website.

Our vision


To be the most trusted, highest performing, and successful human services company in our chosen markets.

Our strong culture underpins our purpose and vision, and our success comes from delivering better outcomes for the people we serve every day.

‚ÄčOur values

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Enabling better lives globally

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