Rhiannon on making a real difference

If you asked Rhiannon what her goal would be for the job seekers she supports, you might not expect her to say, “so they don’t need APM anymore”.

They way she sees it, if a job seeker has done the work to get to a point where they have improved their lives, are confident and becoming more independent, her job is done.

“APM have a really good knowledge of people with disabilities. We’re always constantly learning and constantly upskilling ourselves to deal with our clients and their barriers” Rhiannon said.

As an employment consultant, she knows it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach for each person.

Part of the role is being discerning, whether that’s seeking a local employer who would be the right fit mutual fit with a job seeker or helping identify a person’s skills and strengths.

“So, what we know we help employers know about our clients, because at the end of the day, they’re still people” Rhiannon said.

“Finding that niche, finding that foot in the door is just brilliant”.

The foundation of a truly successful partnership with a job seeker doesn’t just come from finding work, it comes from staying connected throughout the journey together - especially after they’ve achieved their employment goals.

“Staying connected with out job seekers is very important, because a lot can change in a small period of time – their job, their medical issues, their mental health. Staying on top of that ensures they are being well” Rhiannon said.

She acknowledges the benefits employment can have for people with disability and how it has positive flow on effects in the rest of their lives.

“Staying on top of that ensures that they are being well, being healthy, making sure that their employment is safe, making sure that we’re taking care of their employment and any issues that arise.”

Furthermore, she knows the people she helps still need help after they secure work, not simply as a box to tick, but because it will ensure they have the tools they need to move forward with confidence.

All so they don’t need APM anymore.