Scott on how APM supports his workplace

Kyle’s co-worker Scott is full of praise for his colleague’s approach to work and the contribution he makes to the team.

"I definitely think there are employers out there who would give the job to somebody else because they can probably get the job done” Scott says.

“Kyle will come here every Tuesday and Thursday and do that job without complaints - it blows my mind."

Even in the short time Kyle and Scott have worked together, Scott has seen the importance of supporting job seekers with a disability to find work and the rewards it can have.

He has developed an appreciation for how much effort goes into giving a person with a disability support, and all the work that goes on in the background.

Kyle received support from APM Employment Services through the Disability Employment Services program after he secured work at Superior Joinery.

It’s been a transformative experience for Scott to witness the support Kyle has received, and it inspired him to assist with a workplace modification to make work that bit more efficient for him.

Scott saw that Kyle didn’t have an easy way to indicate he had completed his work, so Scott when to his local

Bunnings and purchased a doorbell which he connected the warehouse’s speakers, for Kyle to push when he needs it.

“I think it’s really important to have a business like APM giving assistance to people like Kyle” Scott said.

“I know how much APM would work in the background for Kyle in terms of discussing how they can help him further or help somebody else in a work industry just to benefit their everyday life.”