How can Workforce Australia help me find staff quickly?

Workforce Australia to find staff quickly

Workforce Australia is the government’s new employment service which replaced jobactive from 1 July. It’s a new and improved service that provides two levels of support for participants.

The first level is a new online platform service Workforce Australia Online, for job-ready people. The more personalised second level, Workforce Australia Services, gives people extra support to become job-ready and find work.

Making it easier to access more support to find work is definitely good news for participants, which means it’s also good for employers.

It’s designed so that employers have a higher quality of matching and shortlisting with the right people for the available job. And it promises to reduce admin and red tape to simplify and accelerate your recruitment process.

If you have a position to fill, it’s now easier and faster to connect with and find more suitable candidates.

How does Workforce Australia work for employers?

The online platform has information, tools, dashboards and job boards so job-ready people can manage their own search for work.

There are also skills training, career transition assistance for people over 44, and small business coaching available.

For businesses, this is a much more streamlined way for you to connect with thousands of people already registered and enjoy improved matching and shortlisting of candidates.

If a participant hasn’t had any success within 12 months, they move to Workforce Australia Services to get more individualised personal service and support.

This includes services to help them become more job-ready and a better fit for employers like:

  • Skills training
  • Career transition advice
  • Work experience
  • Obtaining licences and skill certifications
  • Post-placement support 

The ‘secret’ to the success of the second level of support is that it’s provided by an official Workforce Australia Services provider – like APM. Our employment consultants will get to know the person, work out their employment goals, and what services will best suit them.

The good news is that APM also work with employers to offer a similar tailored service to your business with the aim of finding the right person to fill your job fast.

Your APM dedicated employment consultant will start by getting to know your business, your team, and the skills and experience you need.

Using our access to thousands of job seekers across all our services, and individual relationships with those in our Workforce Australia program, we can quickly match their strengths and goals with your needs and aims and fill the position fast.

If the person needs more training and support to create a better fit, then APM can also make that happen.

Depending on each individual’s eligibility, you could also access wage subsidies of up to $10,000 to help your new employee succeed in their new role.

Read more about wage subsidies.

In short, Workforce Australia Service providers are here to give you the support to find the right person and make sure you get the best possible match.

Enlisting the help of a provider like APM ensures it’s not just more manageable for you as the employer, it’s a quicker and more comprehensive service.