Reasons why mums with young children should join ParentsNext

You don’t need to know what you’re going to do once your child reaches school age.

Most of the time as a parent, you have enough things to think about.

Doesn’t matter if you’re returning from parental leave, have spent years raising your family or want to do something new.

If you’ve ever felt unsure or daunted about what might be next for you, there’s help available.

About the program

All family’s circumstances are different.

Which is why the ParentsNext program is not one-size-fits-all

You can get meaningful support for what you need for your family and to be successful in life, whatever that looks like for you.

ParentsNext is a voluntary program which supports parents and carers of a child under six years old.

If you receive the Parenting Payment and haven’t been in paid work in the last six months, you could be eligible.

Support includes help with developing skills, training or work experience, help arranging financial support, job preparation skills and training or connecting to local support services such as counselling, childcare and parent groups.

APM Employment Services delivers ParentsNext in parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Why ParentsNext is an important resource for young families

1. Things can change suddenly

We know change is a certainty in our lives, however we often don’t know what it will look like.

Or how it will affect us.

The sudden loss of a loved one, stable accommodation, household income, our health, or employment can significantly disrupt our lives.

ParentsNext doesn’t just provide education or employment support, our parent and family pathway planners can help you find the right support in your time of need – not matter how unexpected.

After Mihriban’s husband passed away, she found herself in circumstances where, despite her grief, she needed to re-enter the workforce to support her five children.

With most of her mental and physical energy going towards raising her children, she was helped towards success with support from ParentsNext.

She’s completing her studies and has successfully secured employment.

2. Uncertainty is okay

If you don’t know what your next step looks like, you’re not alone.

We know how much energy goes into raising a young child and how your goals might have changed.

Our pathway planners have the knowledge and experience to help orientate you to wherever you want to be – even just connecting with other parents in your community so you have someone else to share your journey with.

3. It’s a child-friendly service

ParentsNext supports parents, whatever your family looks like or whatever your circumstances are.

Not everyone has their support networks so close to home, and not everywhere is truly child friendly.

When you meet with your pathway planner, you are welcome to bring your children.

Our ParentsNext sites are equipped for all young visitors – so both of you can enjoy and make the most of your appointment.

4. We understand the challenges of being a parent

We know striking the balance of all your tasks and responsibilities can be tricky some days.

Especially if you’re a sole carer.

When we say our service is for parents, we mean it.

We are dedicated to helping parents in all ways, big and small.

For single dad Nathan this has made an enormous difference.

As the father to two young boys, he had his hands full.

When he approached ParentsNext, he was struggling to balance his commitments when one of his boys was having some issues.

His pathway planner referred him to support services for toilet training and to a supported playgroup to help them for professional assistance to work through their challenges.

5. Finding flexible and accommodating employment

Sometimes, our plans can change.

This can be magnified when you make a return to work after parental leave. It’s a melting pot of emotions for many.

However, what suited you before now, may not be the right fit for you – and that’s okay.

If you need help finding training or employment opportunities which are flexible around your commitments are a parent, we can help.

Single parent Siri enjoyed her work in accounting and administration, but over time she found she needed more flexibility.

She approached ParentsNext for support to find some study and employment options.

Initially uncertain, her pathway planner helped set her up with further training, and after her work experience placement she was offered ongoing employment.

Find out more

When you come to APM, it’s your journey, and we’ll work with you, at your pace.

Our Parent and Family Pathway Planners will help you to create and design your personal plan and map out a pathway to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to learn new skills and gain qualifications, you’re thinking about finding a job, or you want to set some meaningful goals - we can help you get to where you want to be.

We understand the challenges facing today’s parents and we’re here for you.

To register for ParentsNext or to find out more, visit or call 1800 276 276.