Published on 25 February 2016

The latest Australian Government Star Ratings for the December 2015 quarter again show APM performing strongly across its contracts.

APM has consistently achieved a higher Disability Management Services (DMS) star rating than the industry average since March 2010.

More than 54% of APM's Disability Management Services (DMS) contracts recorded above 3 stars, compared with an average of 24% for other providers.

Significantly, 30% of APM's DMS contracts returned the highest 5 star rating, compared with only 12% for other providers.

APM's Employment Support Services (ESS) programme achieved more than 3 stars for more than 42% of its contracts, compared to a 24% average for other providers.

And in another strong performance, 26% of APM's EES contracts returned the highest 5 star rating, compared with an average of 11% for other providers.

APM has achieved a higher EES star rating than the industry average since December 2013.

Group CEO Michael Hobday welcomed the result, adding the Company was committed to continued improvement.

"This is a strong result, but as always we can do better and APM will continue striving to meet the needs of our clients," he said.

"APM is pleased to help get some of the most vulnerable people in our community into jobs, which benefits not only them but their families and the wider community."

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