Amart Furniture and Assure

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Thinking differently about support

“Our advice to our customers is doesn’t just think about Assure as a reactive, counselling, in-need services provider” Assure Head of customer care Gerard Bevan said.

“That’s a fundamental component of what we provide, and our clinicians provide, but my role and our team’s role is to really work with organisations to plan a real strategy around optimising the holistic and well-being, proactive and preventative components of what we do.”

Preventative and ongoing support measures have become a central component of employee retention and well-being maintenance for many employers.

This was a core reason why Amart reached out to Assure nearly six years ago to implement their own changes.

Assure worked with Amart to work how they could best utilise the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), with organisational and individual goals in mind.

A solid partnership

“I think working with Assure over the last five, six years has been amazing” Amart Safety Advisor Emma said.

“It’s a great service and I’m so proud that we offer it to our team and their families.”

When Amart employees have been through a crisis or significant event in their lives, Emma and other leaders in the business know they can refer their colleagues to the EAP, knowing they will get the support they need.

Empowering your team or employees with better coping strategies is an investment which serves businesses of any size, well into the future.

“It doesn’t matter if you work for a small business or a large business, our support is exactly the same” Gerard said.

“Helping people work through an issue that’s troubling them, so that they can work through an issue, to bring the best version of themselves to work - the employee benefits and the employer benefits.”