Sustainability and social impact

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APM’s aspiration is to be a global leader in sustainability and social impact, creating value for all stakeholders including for our clients, our team, our corporate and government funders, and our investors alike.

In FY23, we continued to evolve our approach to sustainability and impact. This year, we have worked with the board and leadership team to establish our overall social impact ambition, and completed a materiality assessment to identify and understand our material topics and how each of these contribute to risk and value drivers. This process included investor consultation regarding their expectations of APM’s sustainability focus and ESG disclosures.

Case study

Liubov and Galyna – Ukraine Resettlement Program, Ingeus Germany

Image: Luibov (left) and Daria (right).

Liubov fled her homeland in Ukraine as war took over her country. In the last 18 months, APM and Ingeus Germany have helped more than 7,000 refugees from Ukraine settle in their new home country.

It’s a project close to many people, especially to Ingeus Germany advisor Daria’s heart.

Daria has helped Galyna and many other people in her circumstances, find stable living arrangements.

Liubov fled with her family from the south-eastern city of Zaporizhzhia and in the direct war zone, less than six hours from the Russian border.

Before the conflict began, Liubov’s daughter was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and her treatment couldn’t start because of the war.

Liubov and her 34‑year‑old daughter fled the country with her two children, aged five and seven.

When she was at a local job centre in Germany, they recommended contacting Ingeus for support.

They helped her access Familenkasse (family funding) and Wohnberechtigungsschein (WBS, low-cost housing).

To help support her family, Liubov was assisted to fill out paperwork from the job centre, applications for school and kindergarten, along with mobility aids for her daughter.

Grateful for the support, she knows that any question regarding health or education or life in Germany she can be pointed in the right direction by Daria and the Ingeus team.

“I’m also a refugee myself,” Daria said.
“I came to Germany eight months ago, then in a month started working here, so that’s also a huge support to me.”

In FY23 we:

  • Completed our first materiality assessment, engaging the board and leadership team and sought stakeholder and investor feedback.
  • Strengthened our ESG governance framework, including executive sponsorship and the appointment of a new position to lead our sustainability strategy, initiatives, measurement and reporting across the group.
  • Commenced work to define the social impact framework that underpins our approach to consistently plan, monitor, evaluate and improve the impact of the services and supports we provide.
  • Measured our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to disclose performance against Global Reporting Institute (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and developed our sustainability strategy.

APM's sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy provides a shared vision for our global businesses to harness our sustainability efforts. It comprises the following pillars:

  • our clients
  • our people
  • our communities
  • our governance

The strategy is led by our Global Sustainability Committee, overseen by the Group Executive and Board Audit and Risk Management Committee. It sets out Group-wide objectives and goals and will be reviewed annually.

Our first goals are intentionally broad, reflecting the different stages of progress across our 32 businesses and 11 markets and goals will be reviewed and targets set as we advance our social impact agenda.

We recognise the role we play in the global effort to address sustainability challenges, particularly through our role as provider of health and employment services.

In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to driving action on the relevant goals which underpin our approach.

APM's material topics

We have focused on the areas that drive and create value, and align to our corporate strategy:

  • Social impact
  • Client outcomes
  • Client experience
  • Engagement, retention, and development
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Employee health and safety
  • Community engagement and partnerships
  • Thought leadership and research
  • Climate action and the environment

For governance and effective risk management, our assessment identified the need to address:

  • Corporate governance and strategy
  • Regulatory compliance and quality assurance
  • Modern slavery and human rights
  • Increasing ESG compliance and expectations
  • Business ethics
  • Effective cyber security and data privacy
  • Supply chain engagement

Making a positive and lasting social impact in FY23