Jessica on how APM helped her find a job transcript

Jessica: It helps me to be able to not be treated like I'm disabled. My name's Jessica. I'm 20 years old and I have cerebral palsy, and I also suffer from anxiety as well. Every time I applied for a job and I put I had cerebral palsy, no one wanted me because they would automatically think that I was in a wheelchair and very disabled.

James: Jess told me that she did a barista course, and I thought that could be handy in the cafe, just to make coffees, clean up, do the dishes, talk to people, just come into the atmosphere of the business. I believe in giving everybody a fair go. I don't care what disability they've got, but if they're able to do the job, well, why not?

Alysha: After we left that interview, Jess turned and looked at me and said, "So Alysha, did I get the job?" She hadn't quite understood. And to tell her that she had, and have that moment with her, we cried, we hugged. It was beautiful. She was so happy to be given an opportunity to be not looked at for her disability, but to be looked at for who Jess really is.

Jessica: I just felt happy because someone was willing to give me a chance.