Best-ever ratings a win for job seekers and employers

Published on 18 Oct 2021

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Job seekers with an injury, illness or disability have a better chance of finding lasting work through APM Employment Services than ever before, new figures show.

APM has received its best ever performance rating for helping people overcome barriers to employment through the Disability Employment Services program.

The latest Star Ratings for the program, published by the Department of Social Services to highlight the performance of providers in the three months up to June 2021, has given APM an average score of 3.88 stars from 192 rated contracts – an increase from APM’s previous average rating of 3.8 in March this year.

The figures rate service providers on their ability to find sustainable employment for people with an injury, illness or disability.

Each contract (location) a provider delivers the program from is given a score between one and five stars – with the best performing contracts rated five stars.

In the latest figures, APM has 53 five-star contracts out of 192 – the most five-star contracts of any Disability Employment Services provider.

APM also had 64 four-star contracts and 74 three-star contracts. Only one APM contract was rated below three stars.

APM Employment Services CEO Karen Rainbow said the latest ratings show APM’s dedication to ensuring every job seeker receives excellent service.

“The latest Star Ratings are a fantastic result for our teams across Australia who have been dedicated to helping people find good jobs during another challenging period, “ Ms Rainbow said.

“Our teams everywhere are rising to the challenges of COVID-19 and the changing restrictions and employment conditions which come as a result.”

“The latest figures are also a huge win for both job seekers and employers across the country."

“They show how important local businesses are to every community and how we can support both employers and job seekers to find the staff or job they need quickly and assist them to make their employment a success.”

“As Star Ratings look at the successful long-term employment of job seekers, we’re grateful to every employer who connects with us and helps people overcome barriers such as injury, illness or disability, to find a good job,” Ms Rainbow added.

APM Employment Services is the largest provider of Disability Employment Services with contracts across the country in 92 of the 112 areas. The second-largest provider delivers the program in 58 regions.

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